Waterjet Cutter

The iCUTwater smart Midgards knife edition is ideal for small series as well as the first choice for workshop use. We use him to produce your projects quickly and easily.

Are you a knife maker or from industry and looking for a waterjet cutter? We would be happy to advise you on purchasing or deciding on your own Imes-Icore waterjet cutter.

The Midgards-Messer Waterjet Cutter

With the Watersmart from Imes-Icore in the Midgards-Messer Edition, it is possible to cut any kind of metal or composite material. We create customer-specific cutting files and thus implement your own projects. From industry, forging or for the private sector. From single pieces to large series.

Let us advise you without obligation.

Your advantages

Planning and implementation of project and prototypes at unit and graduated prices.

Design and creation of cutting data.

Advice and training, everything from a single source.

1. No thermal loads, hardening or tensioning of the workpiece
2. Minimal dust or smoke generation, no toxic gases
3. Flexible application in almost all industrial areas
4. Almost burr-free cuts, no further treatment necessary
5. Direct piercing possible at any position

Typical Materials

Stainless steel / steel (up to 10 mm)
Titanium (up to 10 mm)
(different versions) (up to 10 mm)
Brass (up to 12 mm)
Copper (up to 15 mm)
Plastics (various designs) (up to 15 mm)
Natural wood (up to 15 mm)
Plexiglass (up to 15 mm)
Aluminum (up to 20 mm)
Glass / armored laminated glass (up to 20 mm)
Marble / ceramic tiles (up to 20 mm)
Marble (up to 25 mm)
Rubber (up to 25 mm)
Various foams (up to 40 mm)

Timely Production

Your projects can be realized. Planning, purchasing of materials and manufacturing, as well as express shipping.

From us for you or directly to the end customer. Convince yourself of our range of services and offers. Save time and money.

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